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Enhance your CRM with your CRM Experts-Rixyncs in partnership with Vtiger CRM + Msg91, Exotel and grow thy business by 35% this Financial Year
Go Digital and Grow Digital during these tough Economic times. Companies that went digital has had an upper edge to over come the COVID-19 Crisis economically.  So what are you waiting for?

Our Experts + Your Business = Proven Results

Msg 91 SMS
  • Send and receive SMS from your CRM directly
  • Converting contacts into contracts.  Improved marketing through Bulk SMS
  • Higher conversion rates communication through Single SMS or Scheduled SMS
  • SMS Templates
  • A road map to help you meet future business needs
  • Metrics to help you manage your business

Exotel – Computer Telephony Interface

  • Route calls to your teams even when are working from home
  • Make it easy for your agents, sales reps to make sales calls to prospective customers
  • Automated dialers, integrations with CRMs, etc. make it a productive experience for your sales teams.
  • Make and receive calls through CRM
  • Review the call recordings in Exotel Dashboard within CRM
  • Identify the connected and not connected calls
  • Be in constant touch with your prospects and customers
  • Track, manage and build call flows using Exotel with our drag-drop builder
  • Create support tickets directly from the received call details list
  • Set up a support line for customer support requests
  • Create a welcome message for incoming calls on the support line
  • Setup assignment rules for the call routing like round robin, least loaded agent assignment etc.,
  • Build a personalized calling experience for your customers.
  • Multi-level IVR, call recording, call routing, call analytics, etc.
  • No infrastructure needed.
  • Put your customers first. Safeguard their identity, make customer privacy a priority with this easy-to-implement solution using virtual numbers. ( Phone number masking )

Features in Exotel CTI

  • Click to Call
  • IVR
  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Auto Dialers
  • Automatic Call Distributor
  • Toll-free Number
  • Virtual phone numbers
  • Hosted PBX
  • Call API
  • OTP Service
  • DID Number
  • Cloud phone system
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Call recording software
  • Business phone system
  • Virtual call center solution
  • Call management software

“I would like to say how much I appreciate you and team have always being on hand to help my team with questions to understand the CRM systems and CRM Meaning. I know this isn’t part of the deal and I like the way Rixyncs believe in customer relationships. I do appreciate it. Thank you Rixyncs we have grown by 5X”

-Raja, Jaigraphics Pvt Ltd

In the below video’s get answers to the following : crm meaning, crm definition, crm as a solution for small business, what are crm platforms, crm benefits and advantages, what are crm tools, crm technology, what crm stands for, crm reports, crm process, crm abbreviation & full form, crm analytics, crm mobile app and last but not the least an online demo of the vtiger crm and its features.  Please note we have chosen vtiger crm to explain the meaning of CRM for you. The concepts are very similar in many crm tools

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Whether you are an MSME, SME, experienced technology adopter or a novice, partner with us ( vtiger expert in Bangalore, United States, Australia, Dubai – UAE, Malaysia and Germany, Europe) and grow. Experience the best CRM for a small business and for sales team within.

With the COVID pandemic we are available as your friendly neighborhood CRM consultancy service across the globe remotely. 

Hence if you are in Brazil, United States, Russia, Mexico, India, Vietnam, Germany, Venezuela, Canada, Argentina, Tunisia, Bolivia, EI Salvador, Sweden, Indonesia, Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey, South Korea, Mauritania, Morocco, Japan, Spain, Malaysia, Philippines, Italy, Slovenia, Kazakhstan or any part of the world with living habitats having internet connectivity,

we are your friendly neighborhood CRM Consultancy company.