slider bg Why do we do, What we do? Growing up as an organization, we are in a mission to empower individuals and organizations to Market, Sell & Service their products/services efficiently. We feel happy when you grow from Good to Great ! slider bg What do we do? Empower our clients with the right information and knowledge about their customers and see them achieve the Sales Target year on year
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slider bg How do we do it? slider art By implementing the CRM best practices learned from our 240 plus customers across the globe in the last 14 years.
Further we supplement it with globally proven CRM Tools like Vtiger, Salesforce, Zoho, MS Dynamics, Msg91 SMS, Exotel Computer Telephony & ITI Data Center
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Welcome to Rixyncs

Your Premier CRM Consulting Partner

Rixyncs excels in CRM consulting with a commitment to excellence and innovation. Businesses trust Rixyncs as a reliable partner for advanced CRM solutions. By utilizing technology and industry practices, Rixyncs skillfully assists companies through the complexities of CRM implementation and optimization. Drawing from their experience and understanding of CRM systems, Rixyncs provides tailored CRM consulting services to meet the varied needs of organizations in various industries. They offer a comprehensive spectrum of services covering CRM strategy development, system integration, and user training. Rixyncs empowers businesses with end-to-end solutions to enhance customer relationships, streamline processes, and maximize revenue.

Our Range of CRM Consulting Services

CRM Strategy Development

Our team of experienced consultants will collaborate with your team to create a detailed plan for implementing a CRM system that fits your specific business goals and objectives.

Salesforce CRM Consulting

With a team of certified Salesforce CRM consultants, we are experts in providing tailored guidance and comprehensive assistance to help you optimize the capabilities of your Salesforce CRM platform. Our goal is to assist you in leveraging the full potential of the platform to streamline your business operations.

CRM Implementation & Integration

Our expert consultants will guide you every step of the way, from the initial setup to the seamless integration of your new CRM system with your existing systems. This ensures a smooth and efficient transition that minimizes disruption and maximizes the benefits of your investment.

CRM Training & Support

Our company offers extensive training programs and continuous support to equip and empower your team to maximize the potential of your CRM system. This allows them to fully optimize its features and functionality to enhance productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Proven Expertise
Leveraging the expertise of our best CRM consultants, we deliver tailored solutions for businesses, ensuring effective results and client success.
Customized Solutions
At our company, we acknowledge that each business is distinctive and has unique challenges. To address this, we customize our CRM solutions to align precisely with your specific needs and the demands of your industry. By doing so, we ensure that our CRM solutions integrate seamlessly into your business processes, helping you attain your objectives and bolster your competitive edge.
Dedicated Support
We dedicate ourselves to offering outstanding service and support from the moment you first consult us until after your solution has been implemented.
240+ Global Customer

We believe in a long term meaningful relationship with you (our Customer). Heavily Trusted, Ninety percent of our customers will recommend us to their peers. That’s our UBP- Unique Buying Point. In the last 14 plus years, driven 240 plus customers in India, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, Germany, Netherlands, UK, Australia and USA etc., to see them grow their Sales by 35% to 500%

Rixyncs has immense experience as we have handled more than 240 projects across all industry verticals.

As we started in Bangalore, we have a customer in every major street in Bangalore.  And customer footprint in every continent across the world where you have living habitats.

For over a decade what we have learned is penned in this self published book-Three Pillars of Customer Relationship.  The rock solid, time tested practices in this book, has carried thousands of now famous organization and people up the ladder of success, in their business and personal lives.

Center of Excellence, Memberships

Having more than a decade experience and knowledge of CRM for SME’s, we have your center for excellence in CRM Consulting, Training, Workforce Development.  We have learned to provide cost effective, value for money CRM for SME(Small and Medium Enterprises- 10 to 350 Employees). Proud member of reputed business organisations like NSIC, MSME. 

Improving Everyday

With day to day experience, we are improving on daily basis with feedback from customers, partners, employees, vendors, well-wishers.

Salesforce CRM Solutions

Rixyncs offers reliable Salesforce CRM consulting services. We assist organizations looking to implement Salesforce for the first time and those seeking to improve their current Salesforce platform. Our team of certified consultants provides personalized guidance and expertise to help businesses achieve their CRM goals.

Customer is the only entity in your organisation, who puts food on the table for every employee of your company, day after, day after day
– Mr Narayana Murthy, Founder – Infosys.

Book Authored by  P Ramesh Chander
Three Pillars of Customer Relationship

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