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Go Digital and Grow Digital during these tough Economic times. Companies that went digital has had an upper edge to overcome the COVID-19 Crisis economically.  So what are you waiting for?

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The wait is over. Equip yourself with Covid-19 set of business ammunations and get a crms login from your vtiger expert. Now roll out a working value for money, cost effective charming CRM tool for your business starting at INR 600 ($10) per user per month. vtiger systems is an ideal crm application and has sales related solutions for small business.

Rixyncs presents this to help you deploy an ideal set of sale CRM software functionalities and address your key business processes.

Meaning of CRM

  • CRM is an abbreviation of Customer Relationship Management
  • There are three pillars of Customer Relationship – Marketing, Sales, Customer Support and Service
  • CRM tools can assist you in improving Lead Conversion ( Marketing) and
  • Improve achievement of Sales targets and
  • Retain existing customer by improving the customer support and service process
  • Know more on CRM Meaning

CRM Benefits​

  • Phenomenal improvements in a short period of time
  • Converting contacts into contracts.  Improved Marketing
  • Higher conversion rates thereby achieving your Sales Targets (See how Aqvastar Improved their Convertion rates)
  • Higher retention rate of Customers
  • A road map to help you meet future business needs
  • Metrics to help you manage your business
  • One view of the customer, without toggling between different applications or spreadsheets

AI + NLP​ in CRM

  • Artificial Intelligence + Natural Language Processing helps sales rep close deals faster
  • Journey templates guide the sales reps on the tasks to complete to advance deal to next stage
  • AI drives predictions and recommendations
  • Email sequences increases conversion. Prospecting by automated email followup
  • Vtiger Enrich – LinkedIn import
  • Sales insights with advanced AI/ML
  • Turn sales managers into coaches with these insights
  • Conversations grouped by sentiments, signal and channel
  • Calls and Emails scored by key measures such as talk2listen ratio, mood, speech rate, grammar
Vtiger Calculus to understand the Customer Habits & Behavior
  • Predictions & Deal Scores
    • Calculus score
    • Fit score
    • Authority score
    • Engagement score
    • Sentiment score
  • Conversation Analytics
    • Positive & Negative signals
    • Sentiment score
    • Competitors score card for Emails and Phone calls
  • Phone call analytics
    • Talk2listen ratio
    • Mood
    • Speech rate
    • Long Monologues
    • Objection handling
    • Action-Items
  • Recommendations
    • Best time to contact
    • Deal action recommendations
    • Email reply assistant
Vtiger social CRM

Social media module takes customer engagement and tracking a step further and lets you follow and engage with your contacts on social networks, allowing you to spot influencers, create and measure new value.

  • Research your market
    • Learn what interests your leads/contacts
    • Influence future sales opportunities
    • Provide products and services better suited to their needs
  • Transform followers into advocates
    • Find new followers through search streams
    • Leverage opportunities to engage with and win them over
  • Transform shoppers into buyers
    • Continuously monitor posts about you, competitors, or subjects relevant to your business
    • create leads from messages for your sales team to follow up on
  • Measure and improve
    • Monitor the effectiveness of your social campaigns and engagements
Entities in the vtiger CRM Software products
  • Marketing : Campaign, Lead, Marketing List, Email Campaigns, SMS Campaigns, Webform ( for contact me etc.,) for marketing automation
  • Sales : Opportunities ( Deals ), Quote, Forecast and Quota ( target), Sales Order, Delivery Notes for Sales automation
  • Help Desk (Customer Support and Service) : Cases (Customer ticket/problems/issues), FAQ ( Solutions), Service Contracts, Work Orders, Assets, Internal Tickets for Helpdesk automation
  • Inventory : Products, Services, Price Books, Invoice, Credit Notes, Purchase Order, Receipt Notes, Bills, Vendors, Payments, Subscriptions and more to manage your inventories 
  • Projects : Projects, Project Tasks, Project Milestones, Expense
Supporting Menu Items in vtiger CRM App build on the LAMP platform
  • Tools : Rss, Sites, Recycle Bin, Print Templates, Email Templates, Appointment Pages, Employees, Surveys
  • Essentials : Leads, Contacts, Organisations
  • Collaboration : Calendar, vtiger buzz ( for alerts), Approvals
  • Conversations : Inbox, Phone Calls, Olark Chats, SMS Messages, Social
  • Productivity : Dashboard, Reports, Documents, Mail Manager, E sign Documents, Time logs
Ease of Communication on the CRM Platform by
  • vtiger mobile app
  • vtiger Whatsapp Integration
  • Exotel CTI Telephony Integration
  • vtiger SMS Integration
  • vtiger mass email service
  • Office 365 Email Integration,
  • Integration of Google App email to send mails, calendar sync or similar email, office automation application
  • vtiger outlook integration
  • Mobile CRM Integration
Ease of Information in crm programs​ by
  • Geo Location Integration on Mobile app use for attendance tracking digitally and for conveyance claims
  • Tally account application integration for smooth flow of information on Product, Invoice and Customer Master data to and from CRM
  • Invoicing by Invoice generator
  • vtiger quick books integration
  • Pre Approved Paypal Integration
  • vtiger live chat integration
  • vtiger social media integration
  • Google drive integration
  • vtiger customer portal integration
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Magento integration
  • Asterisk integration
  • Retrieve any deleted data communication from recycle bin
  • vtiger backup of data is automatic everyday
  • Transliteration available in 25 different languages – no language pack installation is required

Customer Endorsement

“I would like to say how much I appreciate you and team have always being on hand to help my team with questions to understand the CRM systems and CRM Meaning. I know this isn’t part of the deal and I like the way Rixyncs believe in customer relationships. I do appreciate it. Thank you Rixyncs we have grown by 5X”

-Raja, Jaigraphics Pvt Ltd

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