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Customer Relationships across the globe is stemmed out on three pillars – Marketing, Sales and Customer Service.  Let me share the AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action) concept, which you may have read in many of the Marketing Management books. 

Awareness (Marketing)
Interest (Marketing)
Desire (Marketing)
Action (Sales)
 The  marketing activities and campaigns in your organisation will predominately drive down to making your prospect AWARE about your product or service, generate an INTEREST based on the features and benefits that they see.  Following which, while they see the roadmap of how they could achieve their goals, drives them a DESIRE to utilise your product or service.  The essence of all the marketing activities in your organisation will drive down to generating a lead.  In layman’s terms I would call it as a suspect or prospect, essentially an unqualified enquiry.  
When this enquiry is subject to a BANT process, i.e when the enquiry has a valid answer for the Budget, Authority(who makes the decision), Need and Timeline, it can be qualified as an opportunity.  At this stage  the Sales activities commence.  i.e the Sales representative pushes the prospect to take an ACTION towards becoming a customer.  Post the Sales, when the customer has any issues he/she reverts back to you for servicing their concerns and issues.  If you noticed in all these touch points, you are building your relationship with the customer step by step.  
The above diagram depicts the illustration very well.   

Mr Narayana Murthy’s views on the Meaning of CRM

An interview with Mr. Murthy, Founder – Infosys on his views on CRM definition. How CRM systems have gone web based and made competitors more knowledgable on any CRM software.  Hence quality has become even more important.  Know more on his views by watching the below video.

Marketing + Sales + Customer Support and Service  = CRM

What is CRM? : CRM is an abbreviation of Customer Relationship Management.  Any crm system that you may observe in the world has three main modules – Marketing, Sales, Customer Support and Service. 
Rixyncs – your CRM Expert, presents an ideal set of sale CRM software functionalities to address your key business processes.CRM Benefits​

  • Phenomenal improvements in a short period of time ( improved sales by 35% seen in MSMEs)
  • Converting contacts into contracts.  Improved Marketing 
  • Higher conversion rates (by 18% ) thereby achieving your Sales Targets (See how Aqvastar Improved their Convertion rates)
  • Higher retention rate of Customers (by 85%)
  • A road map to help you meet future business needs
  • Metrics to help you manage your business

Entities in many CRM Software products

  • Marketing : Campaign, Lead, Marketing List, Email Campaigns, SMS Campaigns, Webform ( for contact me etc.,) for marketing automation
  • Sales : Opportunities ( Deals ), Quote, Forecast and Quota ( target), Sales Order, Delivery Notes for Sales automation
  • Help Desk (Customer Support and Service) : Cases (Customer ticket/problems/issues), FAQ ( Solutions), Service Contracts, Work Orders, Assets, Internal Tickets for Helpdesk automation

Supporting Menu Items in many CRM Systems

  • Tools : Rss, Sites, Recycle Bin, Print Templates, Email Templates, Appointment Pages, Employees, Surveys
  • Essentials : Leads, Contacts, Organisations
  • Collaboration : Calender,  buzz ( for alerts), Approvals
  • Conversations : Inbox, Phone Calls, Olark Chats, SMS Messages, Social
  • Productivity : Dashboard, Reports, Documents, Mail Manager, Esign Documents, Timelogs

Cool features in our internal CRM Tool that we like 

  • — Staying in regular touch with leads and contact by Mass Email or SMS
  • Predefined email templates for marketing and sales communications
  • Webforms on our website to receive contact us info and crm needs from prospects directly in to the CRM as leads
  • Webforms on our website to receive support request from customers
  • Make and receive calls directly from CRM using Exotel CTI
  • Receive customer support calls through support line that are recorded in the CRM to be converted as support tickets
  • Review the engagement scores with contacts and leads based on email open, click, reply etc.,
  • Measure ROI (Return on Investment) from the outbound campaign that we participate every year as exhibitors.
  • Sales forecasting and insights
  • Raise invoice and purchase order to customer and vendors
  • Manage CRM projects, associated time logs and feedback post go live
  • Staff attendance using the check-in and checkout feature
  • Appointment pages to allow scheduling of calendar events for crm users

“I would like to say how much I appreciate you and team have always being on hand to help my team with questions to understand the CRM systems and CRM Meaning. I know this isn’t part of the deal and I like the way Rixyncs believe in customer relationships. I do appreciate it. Thank you Rixyncs we have grown by 5X”

-Raja, Jaigraphics Pvt Ltd

In the below video’s get answers to the following : crm meaning, crm definition, crm as a solution for small business, what are crm platforms, crm benefits and advantages, what are crm tools, crm technology, what crm stands for, crm reports, crm process, crm abbreviation & full form, crm analytics, crm mobile app and last but not the least an online demo of the vtiger crm and its features.  Please note we have chosen vtiger crm to explain the meaning of CRM for you. The concepts are very similar in many crm tools



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