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Grow your business by strengthening your customer relationship.


The 'Where You Want To Be In Customer Relationship -Growth Seminar' will give you some fast insights into how you could grow your business by growing your relationship with customers. This seminar promises to provide a vision of what it means to be great in keeping your relationship strong with customers. Leaders of Sales/Marketing/Customer-support apply the 12 Best Practices to overcome tough challenges. Now this seminar is available as a free coaching webinar due to current pandemic situation.
Meet your CRM Expert - P Ramesh Chander

Ramesh is an author of the book Three Pillars of Customer Relationship. He is also a witty and charming engineer, graduated from KREC Surathkal, in Electrical & Electronic Engineering and now enjoys the status as a Notable Alumni. After his graduation, started his career as an officer,Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), Mahadevapura in 1998.

He believes that people are  empowered to take correct decisions when they are equipped with  the right information and authentic data.  In this line, Ramesh has authored the Signature Programme called “Where You Want To Be In Customer Relationship” which has become a great success in India and Dubai. He is often invited as keynote speaker in Annual Sales meets.

As the head of his company established a decade ago in Marathahalli, Bangalore, he has led it from a no-base to around 207 plus clients, across the globe. Its customers are spread in countries like India, Malaysia, Dubai, Germany, USA and Australia etc. His leadership team comprise of Mr Deep, Mr Rangarajan and the chief mentor, Mr Sridhar Alampalli.

The Signature programme is an amalgamation of information gathered by interviewing 60 plus global CEO’s and Rixyncs experience in making 207 customer successful on CRM. It’s a Global Material in your local place.

More on our Programme

The participants will learn :

  • Why it is important to look at customers on long term than short financial transactions
  • What are the questions to ask yourself while losing a customer
  • Attract the right customer and right business
  • To be a magnet where leads come chasing you
  • Determine your primary objective in customer experience and service
  • To convert an annoyed customer into a delighted reference
  • To use customer information for customers benefit
  • Use the Best Practices in your CRM Application
  • Examples, case studies, relevant life time story of selected 65 Global CEO
  • Review customer information that cannot be ignored
  • Importance of a mentor while building customer relationships

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* The same seminar is zipped to 90 minute for keynotes, career, life and sales coaching
* Extended to a full day for an onsite programme

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We believe in a long term meaningful relationship with you (our Customer). Heavily Trusted, Ninety percent of our customers will recommend us to their peers. That's our UBP- Unique Buying Point
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Bastien RENAULT, Brand Manager- Mohammed Hillal Group, UAE

Thank you Ramesh, this Signature programme has opened up our Branch Managers in the way their look at building relationships at our Stores. We anticipate 80% customer satisfaction score this year.

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CRM for Coaches
Programme Timeline
Hour 1: Foundation of Customer Relationship

Hour 2: Best Practices 1-4 [Gain/Lose Relationship, Customer Experience, Team, Leadership]

Hour 3: Best Practices 5-8 [Multi-Channel Interaction, Customer Service, Problem, Feedback]

Hour 4: Best Practices 8-12 [Communication, Mentor, Review, Home/Office]
CRM Growth Seminar
Rixyncs Team coached by Bryan Tracy, Media Coverage in Malaysia
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